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Easy Instructions for Downloading Videos and Documents

When you purchase videos or documents, you will receive an email containing a link. Click the link to download your purchased document. The link will only be active for 7 days, so download your purchase as soon as possible.

What if clicking on the link doesn't work? Remember it will usually take a few minutes to download your order, especially if it's a video. Longer if you have a slow internet connection. Wait about 15 minutes to a half hour and if your order still isn't downloading, try the following: copy the link from the original email, open a new window, and paste the link into the Address bar of the new browser window. This process is described in detail below:

1. Open up the email you received from

2. Right click this same blue link in the order email and choose "copy shortcut".

3. Then open your Internet Explorer (or your preferred browser) to open a brand new window, in addition to the one displaying your email.

4. Clear out the address of that new window so you can put your cursor there.

5. Right click the address bar and choose "paste". You have just pasted the blue link from your order email into a new Internet Explorer window address bar, and by clicking on that address bar, you will go there.

6. A box will pops up which will offer you the choice of saving or playing (running), and shows you how fast the download is going. I suggest you save it on the desktop where you can find it and move it later. Once it ends, you click the downloaded file to see the dance playing. Remember to get the music too!

7. Please let us know if all went well or if any part of these instructions are difficult.

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